Currently most of the photos displayed here are from numerous journeys across India and the Subcontinent which continues to be one of my greatest inspirations in all aspects of my life not just as a photographer.

I’ve started dabbling in the digital world but for the most part my heart is still well and truly immersed in shooting on film. It just feels more honest to me somehow. There is more magic and mystery in it too, and I guess it more accurately reflects where I stand as a Photographer.

For me photography is an entirely subjective experience. I am far more interested in the power of the image than technical perfection. A Photograph should capture a moment, trigger an emotion. I enjoy experimenting with different types of film and cameras and exposures and techniques. I love shooting with the Lomo LCA; a wonderful little russian 35mm camera with a certain amount of randomness but tonnes of creative flair. I have recently been shooting a lot of high speed B&W film, (the fuji neopan 1600 hands down winner) for those timeless, grainy, photojournalist type images; and I also enjoy shooting on slide film that I cross process in C-41 for those unpredictable, crazy colours.

All photos © Peter Stacey 2004-2011


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